Flamin’ Hot Cheeto resembling Harabe sells on eBay for $100K

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Snack on this: the infamous gorilla's been resurrected on ebay as a Cheeto!

Apparently the obsession lives on, even though the 17-year-old Silverback does not.  A Cincinnati Zoo worker fatally shot him last year before the 400-pound gorilla could make a Cheeto snack out of the 3-year-old who fell in his enclosure.

A flamin' hot Cheeto resembling Harambe just sold on E-bay for nearly a $100,000.

Listed with a Cheeto photo juxtaposed alongside the real Harambe last week, the bidding began at $11.99. At crunch time, a 132 bids later, there was a buyer.

“That's a free market principle,” says Ernie Garcia. “If the market will allow it, let ‘em sell.”

“That makes me want to go open a couple bags of Cheetos and try to find me one,” Devin Robinson said.

An idea we could sink our teeth into. So, some big cheese NewsFix producers began searching for another profitable collectible. We found a few saxophone shapes, an awareness ribbon. (Orange is for MS, by the way.) We were hoping for a President Trump.

“I’d probably just eat it and pass it by, you know,” Monterreo Robinson said.

We looked for a Tom Brady to fetch a history-making amount. No such luck.

No big money Cheetos for us, but, check out the random formation when the chips fell. Pretty cheesy, right?