New mall coffee kiosk in San Francisco replaces baristas with robots

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SAN FRANCISCO — Welcome to the future, coffee fans.

At a new kiosk in a mall in San Francisco, the future is now since baristas have been replaced by robots!

"Oh, it's fantastic," one customer commented. "I did it the other day. It's cool."

"It's inevitable, isn't it?" another observer questioned.

"Well, I spent a lot of time waiting in cafes," the robotic coffee creator Henry Hu said.

The inventor got tired of waiting for his order from people so he took matters into his own 'robotic' hands!

Now, he claims his robot can make the perfect cup of coffee using the freshest ingredients and without ever making a mistake!

"Nice. Yeah, smooth," one taste-tester said. "Not too dark, not too light."

"It's able to basically make those recipes correctly and consistently every time," Hu said.

You can order via a touch screen menu in the mall or with an app on your phone. You can request special flavors, latte, cappuccino— you name it!

It's even about a buck or two cheaper than average coffee drinks. But, not everyone loved it.

"Kind of hokey," one traditionalist said.

But some coffee fans swear by this new brew.

"The Starbucks baristas should be careful," a taste-tester said.

So, maybe the future has finally arrived.  Of course, if something goes wrong, it could get ugly. Who knows what could happen from a bad cup of coffee?!