Pasadena girl ‘still beaming’ after Super Bowl spotlight with Lady Gaga

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HOUSTON -- Lady Gaga shut it down for the Super Bowl LI haftime performance in Houston. Everyone has been singing her praises since she wowed the crowd in a high-energy performance, and many want to know "who's that girl" who shared a part of the spotlight.

It was hard not to get emotional when Lady Gaga hugged one her fans while singing "Million Reason."

The fan, Ally Bellini, is a Pasadena Independent School District student and is still beaming after the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wow, talk about a bucket list moment!

The singer announced the upcoming "Joanne World Tour," and yes "Monsters," she is coming back to Texas!

The icon will be in Houston on Dec. 3, Austin on Dec. 5 and Dallas on Dec. 8.