Syrian refugee in Germany sues Facebook for spreading ‘fake news’ with his picture

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WURZBURG, Germ. - Talk about a mean selfie! A Syrian refugee's selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel became a viral sensation back in 2015.

But after the terror attacks in Brussels, the selfie of Anas Modamani popped up on Facebook in a post falsely labeling the 18-year-old as one of the attackers.

Modamani is now taking Facebook to court in Germany for spreading "fake news."

Modamani wasn't just falsely named in articles about Brussels, but he also appeared in fake news articles on the Berlin Christmas Market attack.

"At first I cried as I thought this is not me," Modamani said. "I thought immediately, 'What does this mean? What will the future hold? This is really no joke, now. This is serious.'"

"Most of all, I fear-- I'm afraid for Anas and his security," his German foster mother Anke Meeuw shared.

So what does Facebook have to say about all this?

Facebook issued a statement saying, "We are sorry to hear about Mr. Modamani's concern with the way some people have used his image."

They claim they took down various posts once they were alerted to them, but that's still not good enough for Modamani.

"If anyone can write whatever they like on Facebook-- spreading these falsehoods and no one is punished, then it's not only my problem," Modamani said. "It is the problem of the world."

Facebook has never claimed to be a gatekeeper of news, they consider themselves more as a hub for the social exchange of ideas.

Facebook isn't required to fact check every claim posted online, personal or otherwise.

But this case could change all of that and demonstrate the balancing act between free speech versus freedom to damage others. This case might also make you think twice about posting any selfies online ever again!