Obama kite surfs and other activities sitting presidents cannot do

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President Obama's is having a good time now with his billionaire friends.  Early in his presidency the former POUTUS had to give up surfing… seems the secret service was like “you're not drowning on our watch.”

That got us thinking at Newsfix, what are some other seemingly normal things that a sitting president is not allowed to do. And here's what we found out according to the ranker.

  • The president cannot drive a car or ride in a convertible thanks to a guy named Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Use an Iphone, for obvious reasons
  • Eat outside the white house without a "taster"
  • Open the windows in the white house
  • Not to mention he can't go anywhere, without his "football"... No, not that football.

(It’s a nickname given to the briefcase that the secret service carries around. Though not confirmed, most believe it allows the POUTUS to activate a nuclear attack on at any given moment).

  • He also cannot accept expensive gifts or be knighted by the queen.