5 detained in Austin as ICE raids spark national controversy

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AUSTIN, Texas — An ICE cold crackdown affecting many undocumented immigrants across the country.

In Austin, stories of raids went wild on social media, with unconfirmed reports of detainments happening at traffic stops, taco stands and checkpoints. The Texas Observer said at least five people were detained.

In Phoenix, one mother's sudden deportation to Mexico in her eighth immigration check-in is sparking controversy.

Back in 2008, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, was arrested for using a fake social security number.

Garcia de Rayos' son says, "I've had to live with the constant fear that at any moment my mom could be taken away from us."

In the past, official would arrest her and she would usually be released back to her family after each check-in with ICE. But some think Trump's executive order is the reason she did not return to her children this time around.

Republican Sen. Steve Montgomery said this was nothing to do with the executive order.

"ICE did what the laws and the procedures of the immigration laws of this country have prescribed for it."

Meanwhile, protests are blocking highways in Los Angeles. This, after immigration advocates report over 100 people were detained in home raids across southern California.

Immigration and customs officials, continue to defend the operation, saying it was "routine".

There is two sides to every wall.

In this case, while many are praising President Trump for acting on his campaign promises; others are hurting as they watch families being ripped apart.