French man sues Uber for breaking up his marriage

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COTE d'AZUR, France - Talk about a "glitch" in your relationship!

A French man is now suing Uber since he claims the app led to his wife divorcing him.

No, really!

He says his troubles all started when he borrowed his wife's iPhone to log into Uber to hail a ride.

But then, his wife kept getting notifications of everywhere he went-- even after he logged off, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

So, while he may have been out screwing around on his wife, the Uber app was screwing him over!

Who knows if any cheating really happened, but this guy is definitely blaming Uber for ending his marriage.

Apparently, the glitch in the app has hit others, too... like a guy who tweets, "...When you still receive your ex's notifications every time they go out. Help!"

Suspicious spouses used to hire a private investigator, but who needs that when you've got an Uber glitch?

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