Michigan woman gives birth to baby boy on jail cell floor

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MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. - A Michigan woman didn't just give birth behind bars, she actually had her baby on the jail cell floor!

Little baby Elijah was born weighing less than 5 pounds, and he was supposed to be delivered by C-section in a hospital.

"They still didn't want to call an ambulance even though I was bleeding at the time," the inmate, Jessica Preston, insisted. "I've been in total shock. I can't believe I just had my son a month early on a dirty jail cell floor!"

"The baby started to come. They took her off the cot-- which is close to the wall, put her on the floor-- on a mattress-- and the baby was delivered," Macomb County Sheriff Tony Wickersham said.

Yeah, but the poor woman went to the guards THREE different times telling them she was about to have her baby!

"Maybe those medical records should be brought out, and let the people see what the medical staff did each time she was brought down," the sheriff proposed.

Well....it gets even worse!

Preston was originally pulled over only because she had a Rosary hanging from her rear view mirror!

And....it turns out she was driving with a suspended license, but that was from failure to pay a past traffic ticket.  So a judge slapped a 14-day jail sentence on her.

And then, after her baby was born......she had a quick stay in the hospital but then had to go right back to jail to finish her sentence -- without her baby!

"It was horrible being separated from my baby," Preston said. "I wasn't able to breastfeed. I mean, he was so tiny, so little when he was first born that it was agonizing."

Preston said, regardless of why a person is locked up, they should still be treated with a little respect.

"They lack any sort of human decency," she added. "Someone just needs to be able to take responsibility and at some point say, 'Okay, enough is enough.'"

Amen, sister!

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