Kids seeking forever families meet and greet “potential parents” at Hearts Festival

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HOUSTON -- Parents who are ready to adopt were given the chance to meet and interact with nearly 100 children who may become a part of their forever family.

The Harris County Hearts Festival was held Saturday at the HC Department of Education, where "potential parents" met with children looking for a loving home.

"This is the 11th year for our matching event. This is the time when we have parents who are ready to adopt and children who are ready for adoption to kind of meet up and interact, and they kind of get to see the kids playing and they get to play with them as well," said Tiffani Butler, Family & Protective Services. "From here, they decide who they liked, and who they may want to see from now on and they get to learn more about them."

Butler says there are currently 635 children in Harris County, and thousands across the state, who are ready to be adopted and awaiting their forever homes.

"You see the smiles on their faces and you see the children here who just need a loving home. We definitely need more foster homes and adoptive homes. We definitely encourage people to open up their homes because everyone needs a family."

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