AAA study reveals millennials worse driver than previous generations

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HOUSTON - The much maligned millennial generation can add another critique to its growing list— being deemed the worst drivers by a new study.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety surveyed drivers ages 19 - 24 years old about their driving experience within the last month and 88 percent of surveyors admitted to driving dangerously. The infractions included the anticipated texting while driving excuse, speeding and even running red lights!

Seventy-nine percent of the drivers between 25 - 39 years old admitted to the same behavior while the numbers were 69 percent for those aged 16 - 18 years old.

The study, conducted by market research firm GfK, ran from Aug. 25 - Sept. 6 last year. It found millennials typed a text message, email or similar items at almost twice the rate of other drivers. They also were more likely to run a red light or speed through a school zone.