NBA teams told to ‘play nice’ on social media

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Trash talk, or psyching out the other team, is a staple on the basketball court. NBA officials say it’ll no longer be a thing on social media.

The NBA sent out a message to all 30 franchises this week with a list of new rules.

“As with in-game entertainment, teams are prohibited from mocking and/or ridiculing opponents…and game officials on social media in any form, including through statements, pictures or videos,” Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum wrote.

Basically, the teams are being told to “play nice!”

The Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks took the memo seriously…real seriously.

The teams had a field day in the opposite direction on Twitter.

And when Sacramento was down…

Both teams managed to follow the rules and make fun of ’em at the same time. Social media at its finest. We give both teams a couple of thumbs up emojis for being such good sports!