This song’s guaranteed to make your baby happy, researchers say

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We're all in the pursuit of happiness, right? Well, good news — there's finally a solution!

Scientists teamed up with singer and song-writer Imogen Heap to create a song that's proven to make babies happier! Yes, so this key to happiness is just for youngsters.

The research found that babies prefer a woman's voice, especially if it's speaking in mommy chatter. Otherwise known as the 'goo, goo, gaa, gaa' most of us naturally speak in when talking to babies.

C&G Baby Club parents voted on their baby's' favorite sounds, which were later mixed into the track. The topping the lists of sounds were sneezing, animal sounds and laughter.

But we're thinking music can soothe anyone's soul, no matter your age. So throw on your headphones on and escape into this song!