Houston grandmother receives the gift of hearing, thanks to Beltone

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HOUSTON — A Houston grandmother is receiving the gift of hearing, thanks to the charitable donation of Beltone.

Beltone, a global leader in hearing aids and hearing health for the past 76 years, selected Maudesta Jones as the winner of their “My Hero” contest that ran on the company’s Facebook page.

People were encouraged to “Help your Hero Hear Better” by submitting letters on behalf of deserving individuals with hearing loss who could benefit from hearing help.

Paden Parker, Hearing Instrument Specialist at the Beltone Hearing Center located at 10130 Louetta Drive, nominated Jones  as his hero because she has been a leader in her family through love and inspiration.  Her biggest fan is her granddaughter, Bianca Green, who wrote an emotional letter on behalf of her grandmother.

Jones is the mother of five, grandmother of twelve, and the great grandmother of 15 children.

“Maudesta Jones is the strongest, most inspirational woman I know who loves her family and, for that, she is our hero. I have crossed many people in my life, but of all the people I know; friends, family, etc. my Grannymama is by far the strongest person I know. She has faced many obstacles in her 75 years of life, from witnessing the deaths of many loved ones, overload of stress and now loss of her hearing; yet she always has a smile on her face,” Green wrote.  “Receiving these donated Beltone hearing aids would be a blessing for not only her, but for us as a family. I believe receiving these hearing aids could help her better fit into our social gatherings as a family, understand a conversation better and allow her to understand the world around her so she can be more independent. We are both grateful and thankful to be chosen for this spectacular opportunity for my grandmother to be a recipient of these Beltone hearing aids.”

“Our mission at Beltone is to help people hear better through our products and professional hearing care services,” said Beltone president, Corrine Perritano. “We are ecstatic to be able to help Maudesta Jones, obviously a person who is truly deserving and who needed our assistance in a huge way.  We are delighted we are able to change her life for the better.  That’s what Beltone is all about.”