Houston photographer helps women channel their inner Beyonce

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HOUSTON — This one’s for all the ladies wishing they could look like Beyoncé. Good news! The pop star's level of flawlessness might not be that far out of reach.

That level of natural beauty is what photographer John Tucker and his signature pink camera do best. He calls it, the Beyoncé factor. Helping women channel their inner Queen Bey.

And Tucker's not exactly, what anyone would call, a typical photography either. The self-proclaimed nerd said he's more into staying home with his computer than following his pic into the limelight. It's not the fame he's after anyway, the photographer said.

Tucker was pushed into social media stardom and then models and celebrities came from all over. All ready to slay like Bey.

Tucker has never met Beyoncé herself but said to get her on the other side of his lens is his ultimate goal.

Spend a day with Tucker and his pink camera, and you'll be 'feeling yourself' forever.