Lawmaker urges proud Texans to stop using Chilean flag emojis

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AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas legislature only meets every other year, and even then, for only 140 days.

So when it’s in session, it’s time to take care of the really big issues facing the Lone Star State— like emojis!

Republican State Rep. Tom Oliverson filed Thursday House Concurrent Resolution 75,  which takes issue with Texans substituting the very similar Chilean flag for the Texan flag in their texts and emails.

The Chilean flag might look really similar, but Oliverson’s resolution urges Texans not to substitute it just because the Texas flag isn’t included in default emojis.

The resolution doesn’t say anything negative about Chile — nor their flag — just that proud Texans should take pride in their flag and accept no substitute.

To be fair, Chilean flag emoji usage is not listed under "issues” on his website alongside more important things like controlling our borders, the Second Amendment rights and religious freedom.

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