Selfie stick inventor introduces new, improved version: selfie stick-It

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TORONTO — Is there anything worse than trying to operate your own selfie stick? Yeah, those things can be pretty annoying— even the original inventor thinks so!

"I used to describe the selfie stick as 'the world's first handheld extendable mono-pod,' inventor Wayne Fromm said. "Hasn't that got a ring to it?"

Nope, not feeling that one! It's probably why he ended up calling it something else: the Quick Pod.

It was big back in 2011, but now Fromm says he has a new and improved version you're gonna love.

"It has a proprietary 'sticky surface' on it," Fromm said.

So, say hello to the Selfie Stick-It.

This version allows you to attach your phone or camera to any vertical surface and operate it with a remote.

And you can get one for about five bucks.

We'll see how that sticks this time around.

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