Trump’s not first president to have chaotic opening month

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WASHINGTON — We're coming up on a month now with President Donald Trump in office. How's it feeling?

If all the drama seems unprecedented, not so fast. It's time for a NewsFix history lesson with Dr. Jon Taylor from the University of St. Thomas Political Science Department.

“To be honest the worst was probably James Buchanan when he was elected in 1857. Within weeks of office, he endorsed the Dred Scott decision basically saying that African-Americans weren't human beings, named an entire southern cabinet to anger his northern democratic allies and basically lit the match for the Civil War," Taylor said.

'It could be much worse but at the same time, this is at least in the modern tradition, in a modern sense, this is rather unprecedented,” he adds.

Like how some on the left would paint Trump as a Russian, 'Agent Orange,' and think members of his cabinet are really sleeper Russian agents? That's gotta be a new one right? Nope!

“We can go back to the 1800s that Adams and Jefferson basically claimed each other were spies for Britain or for France,” he said.

Trump has blazed a few new trails for the executive branch.

“This is still probably the most difficult 30 days in terms of contentiousness with the media,” Taylor points out.

Also POTUS' use of technology — although often shocking — may actually form the future of how politicians behave.

“It is amazing to watch a president who will get on Twitter immediately and start attacking his opponents, attacking the media, standing up for his daughter for goodness sakes versus Nordstrom’s. That is something that's unheard of, I also think its something we're going to see much more of in the future,” Taylor explained.

While some Americans are enjoying the show, for the rest, we've got 47 months to go at least.

Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

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