FBI arrests South Carolina man they say was plotting a Dylann Roof-style mass attack

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CONWAY, S.C. -- A suspected white supremacist is behind bars after the Feds claim he was planning a mass attack at a Jewish synagogue in South Carolina!

Authorities say Benjamin McDowell was planning an assault with a Facebook post stating, "Do something on a f***ing big scale....in the spirit of Dylan Roof."

"He just said that, you know, that boy was brave, and he made headlines as a white boy," McDowell's mother, Joann Clewis, shared.

The FBI arrested McDowell at a Myrtle Beach motel after he allegedly tried to buy a gun from an undercover agent, which is illegal since he is a convicted felon.

The Feds say McDowell has a long rap sheet with several stints in prison and apparently, that's where a white supremacist group inspired him.

"I started having problems with him when he was about 15 or 16," Clewis said.

Mental health counselor Kit Galton explains what kind of profile mass shooters tend to fall into. "They pull back from other places or other people and feel uncomfortable," he said. "They often then find solace with somebody that's not such a good person or influence."

"I feel like he done wrong, but I paid for it," Clewis added. "And that don't seem to be fair."

Dylann Roof was convicted for the shooting deaths of nine people at an African-American church in Charleston.

"I just hope and pray every day that we find the strength as a society to combat that negative racial stereotyping," local civil rights leader Bennie Swans declared.

Thankfully, this time authorities were able to catch an alleged would-be killer before another senseless act of hate could take any more lives!