Houston Hispanic Forum’s 31st Annual Career and Education Day helps students plan for their future

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HOUSTON -- What's better than a free event? How about a free event teaching students how to choose a career and make money.

Houston Hispanic Forum's 31st Annual Career and Education Day is helping students figure out what they want to do in life.

"So our goal is to make sure that every single high school student not only graduates high school but does something after high school," said Linda Flores Olson, the Executive Director of Houston Hispanic Forum.

The event, complete with 13,000 attendees, 1,200 and 360 schools, is meant to help each and every student succeed.

"We're here to help students realize that there are lots of fantastic careers that are exciting that they could have their entire lives," Olson added.

The mentorship corner is the newest addition to the day!

"So, what we know about at risk children in that those who have a mentor are more likely to graduate high school and more likely to graduate college."

One participant said of the event, "I really didn't expect I was gonna further expand in careers. and I actually changed the choice that I wanted to do when I graduate of high school."

There you have it kids -- "Your future is in your hands!"