‘We will not sell’: T.R.I.L.L. Collective holds demonstration, urges community to hold on to properties

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HOUSTON -- The T.R.I.L.L. Collective held a demonstration off of Cullen and Reed Road in a Fiesta Parking lot, and had a simple message-- "We will not sell."

Sunnyside, South Park, South Union, Cloverland, and Crestmount are areas in South East Houston where citizens are fed up and have decided to join together to take action.

The demonstration is a start to urge homeowners not to sell their properties. Collective members passed out flyers, held signs and talked to members of the community, encouraging them to be steadfast in the effort to keep their properties.

"The initiative is all about holding down the block and keeping what you got," said T.R.I.L.L. co-founder Ezenachi Rasidi.

This movement is driven by young adults that address concerns for the future of neighborhoods that are predominantly African-American.