Monday Motivation: Why chicks should do chest exercises

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HOUSTON -- Time for your Monday Motivation fitness tip of the day!

OK guys, I don’t need to convince you that you should work your chest- it’s international chest day today anyway!

But ladies, listen up! Here’s why chicks should work chest!

1- Chest is one of the larger muscle groups. More muscle equals a faster metabolism means it’s easier to get and stay lean!

2-If your back muscles overpower your chest muscles, you're likely to develop imbalances and are more prone to injury.

Here’s a quick chest workout you can do at home with a set of dumbbells and a stepping stool

1- push-ups (drop the knees for assisted push ups if necessary)

2- Bench Press

3- Dumbbell chest flies

Do four to five sets of each exercise. Do as many reps as you can with the weight you chose. There’s no magic rep range. The key is to feel the burn!

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Make it a happy healthy day!

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