Family of slain teen Javier Flores seek justice; reward raised by Crime Stoppers

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HOUSTON - "How can they do that? They could have just took the money... they didn't have to shoot. They could have taken the whole store if they wanted to," pleaded Hilda Vasquez.

A family continues to grieve for Javier Flores, the teen shot and killed Wednesday night when two men came in to rob the Subway restaurant where he and his mother worked.

Hilda adds, "They didn't have to shoot my son."
Javier's father Carlos Vasquez says,  "Now, I'm not planning my son's graduation, I'm instead planning his funeral because these two cowards came and took my son's life "

Flores died while trying to protect his mother.

Hilda remembers through tears, "I loved how he always wanted to take care of me and be there with me."

Authorities on Saturday released more pictures related to the crime. The suspects' vehicle is described as a tan or gold 2000 Mazda Protege similar to the model pictured below.


Houston police are asking for the suspect who didn't have a gun to step forward.

Homicide Detective Dustin Crowder says, "If the suspect that did not shoot and his family or anyone who knows him or in his circle is watching this and he wants to distance himself from the suspect that did shoot, we encourage yourself to call us, you can call anonymously. We feel that you're going to be caught and we want to give you an opportunity to distance yourself from the person who shot since we know you didn't shoot."

Carlos added,  "The same courage they have to kill my son, I want them to have the same courage to show themselves and said I killed your son. I'm here to turn myself in but you all know it ain't going to be like that."

With the reward being upped to 40,000 dollars, anyone with helpful information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-722-TIPS.

Hilda pleads, "I want justice because if they did it to me, they are going to do it to other people"

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