More bomb threats in Jewish communities

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PHILADELPHIA-- Serious scare tactic or horrible hoax?

More threats were directed toward Jewish communities Monday. At least a dozen Jewish schools and community centers were targeted by bomb scares. Threats were made to centers in New York, Miami, Baltimore and Indianapolis, to name a few.

Staff ordered evacuations but police didn't find any explosives or evidence of a planned attack.

Today's threats come after someone toppled more than 100 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. The Anti Defamation League calls the vandalism "cowardly and unconscionable." The ADL is offering $10,000 for information, and a local fraternal order of police of kicking in another $3,000. Sunday night, supporters gathered for a vigil in solidarity.

One supporter said, "this kind of response shows that the power that comes from minorities, from the Jewish people, Muslims, from the African-American community and beyond, this love is stronger than any form of hatred."

Police say the vandalism appears to be targeted, but they haven't determined an exact motive.

Two weeks ago, about a dozen headstones were overturned at a Catholic cemetery two miles away.

Jewish communities in at least 26 states have been threatened with violence or targeted by vandalism this year. Last week, 150 gravestones were overturned at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed the issue Monday and said the President continues to condemn the hateful acts in the strongest terms.

Until this nonsense stops, the souls in this hallowed ground can't forget.


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