Ohio has proof of voter fraud during the recent presidential election

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - When it comes to allegations of voter fraud during the recent presidential election, Ohio officials may be onto something.

The Buckeye State is known as a presidential battleground state with nearly 7.9 million registered voters.

According to Ohio’s Secretary of State, 821 non-citizens are registered.

Jon Husted's office figured this out by cross referencing the voter database with citizenship status from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

He also reports that 126 of those non U.S. citizens could face prosecution for casting ballots last November.

Husted has already given their names to county prosecutors.

Those illegals who are registered but did not vote have about a month to voluntarily remove themselves from the voter rolls.

It's a big problem if non citizens actually affect the outcome of an election.

According to Husted, that didn't happen. None of the votes cast illegally in Ohio decided any races last November, including that highly contested race for the White House.

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