California’s Oroville Dam possibly washing up gold

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OROVILLE, Cali. - Massive erosion could be washing up massive gold at California's Oroville Dam.

California's Gold Rush of 1849 brought an overwhelming number of gold-diggers to the undeveloped territory. Now that repair crews are digging up dirt around the dam they may be digging up gold too.

"There are nuggets embedded in that bedrock," gold prospector Bob Van Camp said.

Camp dug up $1,500 worth of nuggets while strolling the area and another digger found 75 ounces of gold worth $350,000.

Yep, there's gold in them there hills!

"Because gold is so heavy it always seeks the lowest area," said Van Camp.

State officials are left figuring out what to do if gold is actually found at the dam.

It just might be a damn gold mine after all.