New details in MS-13 satanic gang killing of 15-year-old female

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HOUSTON - Police have released new details in the alleged murder-sacrifice of an unidentified teen.

Investigators have confirmed that a 15-year-old female found dead on the side of the road is the suspected murder victim of the satanic MS-13 gang.

HPD arrested Diego Rivera and Miguel Alvarez-flores on Feb. 27 in connection to the murder.

According to police Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores is the gang's leader who goes by Diabolico. Flores was possibly living with and abusing at least three of the underage girls.

Two of the girls are back with their families but police are investigating if the suspected MS-13 gang members murdered the third teen as a sacrifice to a Satanic shrine.

Federal officers have been investigating the MS-13 gang members across the country.

A similar case in New york have lead to the arrest of MS-13 members involved in murdering four teens in Brentwood and Long Island.  More than a dozen other members have been indicted on 41 different counts.

10 of the alleged gang members are in the country illegally but looks like they will have a long prison stay before they head home.