SXSW performers accuse festival of threatening them with deportation

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AUSTIN -- South by Southwest is one of the most highly anticipated music events in Texas but not everyone is looking forward to the festivities this year.

SXSW performers are accusing the festival of threatening them with deportation.

Felix Walworth of the band "Told Slant" posted a screenshot on twitter of his contract that states festival officials will notify the appropriate U.S. Immigration authorities if artists adversely affect the viability of their official SXSW showcase.


Friday a growing list of performers including Immortal Technique and Downtown Boys signed an open letter asking organizers to remove the clause.

SXSW responded "the language in our performance agreement is intended to show customs and border patrol that SXSW takes visa issues seriously," said CEO Roland Swenson "we informed foreign artists that if they perform concerts apart from their festival showcase they will require a work visa."