Protesting turns to punching at March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley

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BERKELEY, CA - The words politics and zoo are starting to sound much more alike these days. In Berkeley, a March 4 Trump rally turned into a fist fight fest.

The rally was a part of a nationwide march in support of President Donald Trump. POTUS expressed his gratitude on Twitter saying: "Thank you for the great rallies all across the country. Tremendous support. Make America Great Again!"

Although most March 4 Trump rallies went smoothly, the situation turned ugly at this California rally.

During the clashing of the crowds, police say dozens of pro-Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters started getting into it.

According to Berkeley Police, ten people were arrested. Most of the charges included battery and assault; one person was charged for carrying a knife.

Cops say they confiscated multiple weapons from the protest, including baseball bats, bricks, and metal pipes.

Several protesters left with non-life threatening injuries due to the violent outbreaks.

"There has been a bunch of fights and pepper spraying and tear gassing . . . it has gotten progressively worse as we met . . . I've seen some blood and a lot of people have been tear gassed" says anti-Trump protester, Kiki Valenzeuala.

Andrew Lycan, a pro-Trump protester calls it a two-way street. "These people don't want us to have our first amendment rights. They think that only they are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights."

Ah, times sure are trying these days! So, when is this going to stop?

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