Arian Foster vs. wolf, Arian tweets he’ll win

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HOUSTON --  Former Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster is trending again, but it has nothing to do with football.

It started innocently enough when Foster tweeted out to his 602K followers that he wanted to go camping, but wildlife scares him.

Then he tweeted

And the battle lines were drawn!

Team Wolf versus Team Foster in a Twitter debate that would span for hours!

When challenged by Team Wolf, Foster tweeted that because he out weighs the wolf and has thumbs, the wolf would be at a disadvantage.

The online debate even caught the attention of Yahoo Sports who put it up for a poll and Foster won.

One member of Team Wolf aimed his attack below the belt. @FrijoleForever said, “A wolf hasn’t had groin, hamstring, and knee injuries in the last six years. Advantage, wolf."

To which Foster responded, “also hasn’t been to 4 Probowls, overcome those injuries and doesn’t have thumbs.

We got it Arian, you have thumbs. Now give them a rest and put Twitter down for a minute.

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