Legendary magician’s mysterious death ruled accident

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CALIFORNIA- The bizarre hanging death of a Hollywood magician has been ruled an accident, but could it be something more sinister?

Daryl Easton, who was known as the "magician's magician," was found hanging in a closet at the legendary Magic Castle right before he was about to go on stage.

Investigators ruled the death a suicide, but new evidence from the medical examiner has now ruled the death an accidental hanging.

Perhaps it was a magic trick gone wrong, but Easton didn't perform escape tricks.

The Magic Castle issued a statement that read, in part, "the magic community mourns the loss of one of our most beloved and talented performers."

Even actor Jason Alexander tweeted, "What a tragic end to a lovely man and glorious magician."

As Easton himself once said, "Never bet on a sure thing. It's a good rule to live by."

This is one case that will take a true Houdini to figure out!

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