Dead horse left on roadside not a victim of neglect, city ordinance requires it

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HOUSTON - "A sad and disturbing scene!" is what neighbors called a dead horse found lying on the side of a street for three days in northwest Houston.

Dog rescuers were on their way to the BARC shelter to save some homeless dogs when they spotted the horrible sight.

"This is not fair for an animal. You know, this is cruel," said Olivia Hancock, after calling 311 to report the dead horse to city officials.

Local neighbors were upset that the city took so long to pick up the dead animal.

"I'm very sorry for what you had to see but it was even harder on me cause that's something I loved," said Syed Jafri.

Jafri loved his horse Ashal and certainly never neglected the animal.

"He was getting better, after we took him to the vet and brought him home. We did everything we could to save him," said Jafri.

Jafri's vehicle inspection business near Airline and Tidwell offered to keep the animal's carcass in a trailer behind the gate until the city could come and pick up the remains.

"When I called 3-1-1 they said that they would not pick it up if it was in a trailer. They said that I would have to put it on the road," explained Jafri.

Jafri's shop is in Houston City Councilwoman Karla Cisneros' district. The city ordinance for large animal disposal is clearly stated on the website.

Maybe the city needs to take another look at this ordinance, or make special exceptions for private properties.