Former HISD teacher accused of inappropriately touching non-verbal special needs student

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HOUSTON — A Houston Independent School District teacher was arrested Tuesday after he was allegedly caught fondling a special needs student in his class.

Albert Lee Randall has been charged with improper relationship between an educator and student.

The “relationship,” however, was with a 20-year-old special needs student who could not consent to what Randall was doing to her, according to HISD police.

Police said Randall was a teacher at Wisdom High School and the victim was one of the students in his class. On Feb. 3, another employee saw Randall rubbing the student on the leg in a manner that appeared to be inappropriate. The witness said Randall then began to fondle the student in other areas.

The witness, at first, tried to record the interaction on a cellphone, but got so upset that he left to report the incident to a supervisor, according to court documents.

The administration notified HISD police and Children’s Protective Services about the claims.

Investigators questioned Randall about the allegations, which he initially denied, then later confessed to rubbing the student for about 15 minutes.

Randall allegedly admitted to knowing the student did not have the mental capacity to consent to a sexual relationship, but claimed that she wrapped her arms around him when he was touching her.

Randall said he felt if the student was “a normal functioning person then the feelings would have been mutual and it would have been a good thing,” according to documents.

The district said Randall was immediately removed from the campus after the allegations were reported. After a thorough investigation, the DA’s Office moved forward with criminal charges.


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