Praying security guard saves driver involved in fatal crash in SE Houston

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HOUSTON — The Houston Police Department is investigating after a security guard saved one of two drivers involved in a fatal crash late Tuesday night in southeast Houston, authorities said.

Christopher Gonzalez of the Harris County Security Force said he was patrolling the area when he witnessed the accident around 11 p.m.

Investigators said a black Chevy Avalanche pickup truck going north on Almeda Road struck a Nissan Z from behind at Reed Road. The car was thrown across the intersection and into two empty charter buses facing southbound, police said. The driver of the Nissan died at the scene.

Gonzalez said he quickly pulled over and activated his strobe lights before running to the truck.

"I saw one of the victims laying down," Gonzalez said. "It was hard to see him, but I used my flashlight. And I saw him bleeding."

Gonzalez said he patted the victim for nearly 5 minutes to wake him up, but he wouldn't wake up.

"Then later on, I started praying in the name of Jesus Christ," he said. "I felt something beautiful, and then he woke up."

Gonzalez stayed with the pickup truck driver until emergency crews arrived along with other passersby looking to help.

"The fire department told me, 'keep patting him, keep patting him,'" he said.

The Chevy pickup truck driver was taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

Officers said no passengers were on the bus, which takes people two and from the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show.

Gonzalez has worked the area for at least a year, he said.