Family raises serious questions after Seabrook inmate found hanging in jail cell

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SEABROOK, Texas- Family and friends are heartbroken after a 27-year-old inmate-- Richard Aycock of Pearland-- was found hanging in his cell at the Seabrook Jail.

"He had all of us. He's very positive. Never, never depressed. Never," Aycock's mother, Joanne Medina, cried.

Aycock was arrested Friday on a weapons charge, according to Seabrook Police.
His family says he was stopped by Seabrook Police while driving a vehicle that had stolen license plates on it--- which had apparently been stolen from the Seabrook Police sergeant.

"That officer was a sergeant -- was investigating his own -- a crime against himself, which you're never supposed to do. Why? First of all, you're emotionally too charged up," civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen announced at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

The family claims the Seabrook Police sergeant visited Aycock in his cell, and the inmate later told his fiance about the tense encounter, saying "it didn't go well."

Jailers found him hanging in his cell around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Paramedics were called, but Aycock was pronounced dead at the scene.

"The medical examiner has ruled the cause of death a 'suicide by hanging,'" Kallinen said.
His family does not believe he would have harmed himself.

"He was changing his life. He wasn't the kind of person to do this! It wasn't in him," the mother of Aycock's fiance, Donna Tristan, insisted. Her daughter added that she and Aycock planned on getting married after Easter.

The Texas Rangers and Seabrook Criminal Investigation Division are now conducting a joint investigation.

"We don't know exactly what happened at the Seabrook Jail, but we do know there were video cameras there," Kallinen suggested. "And we need to find out exactly what happened."

His family claims Aycock was at the wrong place at the wrong time from the beginning. They say he 'borrowed' the car that started all this, and the weapon inside wasn't even his!

Now the family is left asking some serious questions.

"Does the City of Seabrook have the proper procedures in place to prevent people from harming themselves?" Kallinen asked. "Right here in Harris County-- one single county-- there are over a hundred jails completely unregulated."

"There's no way. Something smells wrong here," Medina said. "I want justice for him. He would have never hurt himself. Never."

Perhaps if jail house video is released the family will get the answers they're so desperately seeking.