Sheila Jackson Lee speaks on health care as VP Pence pushes for Trump’s plan in Kentucky

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HOUSTON - As the Republican leadership and the White House work to line up the votes on their Obamacare replacement bill, Republican members of Congress are getting hit hard by their constituents about the details of the plan.

Vice President Mike Pence went to Louisville, Kentucky in an effort to sell the plan to the American people.

He says the bill will allow them to do more with less, "We're actually going to get rid of more than $500 billion in Obamacare's tax increases...we're going to give Americans more choices. "

The American Association of Retired Persons says under the plan older Americans would pay significantly more for coverage than they do now.

Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee held her own forum in Houston to hear concerns from Texans about the bill.

One speaker stated, "We should have an honest debate about how we want to provide health insurance and those kind of things, but rushing it through because we're afraid of backlash from people is not good government."

Rep. Lee added, "I want you to be engaged because it's going to be a long journey. What I hear from you will formulate and these experts, will formulate amendments to offer on Wednesday."

Looks like there's plenty of people with something to say about the future of health care.