Caught on Camera: Bizarre police standoff ends after California man shot dead

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ORANGE, Cali. - An unbelievable end to a deadly police standoff in Southern California was all caught on camera.

The victim Michael Perez, 33, can be seen smoking a cigarette in his mini-van, then being stormed by police and sprayed with a fire hose. Perez, 33, then climbs out of his window while being surrounded and overpowered by police.

Multiple rounds of rubber bullets were fired to subdue Perez but the last shot that can be heard was fatal.

It's hard to believe this entire incident began with a routine traffic stop for a defective tail light. When Perez pulled over, he took out a gas can and lit up his cigarette authorities said.

"At some point, he actually poured some gasoline onto a rag. And they knew at that point, they had to put a plan in motion. I've never seen it before. It was creative, it was well-done, and unfortunately, worked to get him out of car," Orange Police Department Lt. Fred Lopez said.

According to authorities Perez pulled a knife on them during the scuffle and had another tucked in his pants. That's when officers could be heard screaming "Knife!"

"We don't know if he was going to commit suicide or if he was gonna set the car on fire.  All of those things were a possibility and we wanted to avoid that happening," Lopez said.

The father of six was killed just two days before his 34th birthday.

"He was a loving father, he really loved his kids. That's what I want the world to know," Rose Becerra said.  "He was funny. He always made me laugh."

Now the Orange County district attorney is investigating the entire event.

"He was always paranoid that people were after him, spying on him and following him," gas station employee Leo Felinga said.

Sadly, a man who may have needed some help found only a tragic ending.

"It's a big loss because I'm gonna really miss him," Becerra said. "We're gonna miss him."