Houston artist creates H-Town Stickers app just in time for rodeo season

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HOUSTON - Looking for a cool way to express your inner Houstonian?

Well, Houston! We have a sticker.

Houston artist and IT specialist Andy Mason has created a new app called H-Town Stickers featuring plenty of fun rodeo food.

"That's all we do in Houston is eat 'cause we have such good food," Mason said. "I wanted to focus on that, mutton-busting and what people wear."

"I started with a plate, then fried dough and the rest is all the powdered sugar," he said.

Mason's rodeo stickers look so real you can almost taste 'em!

"As I'm drawing the funnel cake on my computer, I move my hand with the mouse and imagine the rodeo vendor pouring the dough out and putting it on the actual plate," Mason said.

And if we're talking rodeo food, we're talking turkey— legs, that is!

"I didn't want to make a simple food sticker. I wanted it to look real so that when you saw it you would get hungry and want to go to the rodeo," Mason said.

Even the Eighth Wonder of the World is represented if you can find a place to stick it.

"The Astrodome is probably my favorite out of all of them 'cause I spent so much time drawing it," Mason said.

Just a warning, these stickers are so much fun, be careful you don't get carried away with them.

Stick with it, Mason!