Winter storm “Stella” reeking havoc throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeast

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NORTHEAST, United States - Mother Nature seems to be taking her cues from Disney's Frozen princess. A winter storm is raging on and bearing down on nine states from Virginia to Maine. This Nor’Easter even has a name: Stella.

Connecticut is getting hammered by Stella. So is Boston, Maryland and New York. The blizzard of epic proportions is leaving quite a mark on New York’s famous Central Park and Columbus Circle.

By far, the hardest hit area of New York includes Albany and the central part of the state known as the I-88 Corridor.

“There we expect blizzard-like conditions up to 30 inches of snow,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Heavy snow, intensifying winds and accumulating ice -- the combination is making travel of all kinds next to impossible.

Nationwide, at least 8000 flights have been canceled or delayed. In every state on Stella's radar, the message to residents is the same.

"Stay home if you can. Take it seriously. When we say you got to stay off the road, you need to stay off the roads so the crews can do their work. Today's a good day to make brownies!" officials said.

President Donald Trump sent a tweet urging everyone along the East Coast to listen to local officials.

Power outages are expected, and there's already coastal flooding in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

Sure, some folks are having fun. Like a few guys snowboarding in Staten Island. In Apalachin, New York, one man's time-lapse photography shows his porch overnight, which is a pretty impressive visual.

If you think you're missing out in Texas, though, just remember....we don't have to shovel heat!