Simon Says: Fixing Healthcare is like planning a birthday party for triplets

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America has proven to be a very resourceful Country. We’ve placed a man on the moon, cured various diseases, fought terrorists and outlasted communism.

With so many wonderful accomplishments, why can’t we figure out a way to solve healthcare issues in this country?

All any of us just want is a good doctor, reasonable premiums, and the reassurance of knowing that a major illness won’t put is in major debt.

We all seem to forget that major insurance companies are not here as a public service. They are a business and they make more money when you don't get sick.
The other big wheel in the health care train is the pharmaceutical companies. They are also an industry worth billions and they make more money when you get sick.

Nice conflict.

It’s hard to get anything done in life when everyone's looking out for their own special interests.

Yeah, it’s no different than planning a birthday party for triplets. Each wants their own theme so good luck making all of them happy.

When it comes to the issue at hand, ObamaCare isn’t the problem and neither is TrumpCare.

In Washington healthcare equates to; they’re 'CAREless.'

Hopefully the impossible will become possible with luck, hard work and conciliation.