Caught on Camera: Scientist discover postmortem rituals being performed by chimpanzees in Africa

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ZAMBIA, AFRICA- Looks like humans aren’t the only ones who tend to their dead.

For the first time, scientists in Africa have captured chimpanzees practicing what they're describing as a "death ritual."

A 33-year-old female chimp who lives at a wildlife orphanage in Zambia was seen grooming the dead body of a younger male chimp who she'd adopted after his mother died. The footage captured by the orphanage shows the mother and a few other chimps grooming and cleaning the deceased chimp in a ritualistic manner.

"We believe the mother was inspecting her son in an attempt to figure out what caused his death," said a doctor at Saint Andrews University.

This is big news in the world of science because this type of postmortem behavior has never been reported in chimps or any other non-human species for that matter.

Now there’s no coffin or chimp-driven hearse but from the looks of this ape family we may be a lot more alike than we think!

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