The Satanic Temple is fighting corporal punishment with a billboard in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH – The devil has come to Texas.

Specifically Springtown, just north of Fort Worth.

According to the Star-Telegram, on Wednesday The Satanic Temple put up a billboard on Highway 99 opposing the use of corporal punishment. It urges students to invoke religious rights if they experience or are faced with corporal punishment in school.

The sign reads “Never be hit in school again” and directs students to The Satanic Temple’s Protect Children Project’s website.

The website offers the ability for students to register and report their experience. While this does not make them members of The Satanic Temple, the group will send a letter to the student’s school board claiming the punitive act violated the student’s civil rights.

This is based on their religious tenet of “the inviolability of the human body and mind and being.”

So why Springtown ISD?

In 2012, the district came under fire when a male faculty member violated district policy and spanked two female students. The district acknowledged the violation, but then changed their policy to allow corporal punishment of students by the opposite sex if a staff member of the same sex was present.

The billboard is a response by The Satanic Temple to target school districts that still allow corporal punishment as part of the Protect Children Project. According to their website, corporal punishment is legal in 19 states and over 110,000 children are legally hit in school each year.

The Satanic Temple does not claim to worship Satan, but say they see Satan as a symbol of rebellion and opposition to authority.

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