Conservation superstars prep for ‘Saving Wildlife Expo’ at Houston Zoo

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The Houston Zoo is set to host the 2nd annual "Saving Wildlife Expo."

The zoo will partner with the Wildlife Conservation Network to allow leaders in the wildlife community to speak about their works in the animal kingdom.

"It's a real partnership. It's our team working to conserve tapirs in the wild, the Houston Zoo working to conserve tapirs in captivity," Pati Medici, Coordinator for the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative said.

Organizations such as the Niassa Lion Project, who are helping to save 800 to 1,000 lions that live alongside 40,000 people in northern Mozambique will be highlighted at the event which will be held Saturday, Mar. 25 at 9 a.m.

"So every time someone comes to visit the zoo, you're helping our project, because they help all our education programs. I also say that conservation people need to do what they're good at. So you don't need to help us track lions but you need to tell people that there are only 20,000 lions left in the world," Colleen Begg with the Niassa Lion Project said.

The event will also shed light on growing problems in the wild, such as water exhaustion that threatens the zebras in Kenya.

"People who are keeping livestock are also using the same water that the zebras are using and so we work with those communities to make sure that there's still water accessible for wildlife," Belinda Mackey with Grevy's Zebra Trust said.

Don't miss your chance to see the celebrities of conservation from around the globe right here in our own backyard.