Feds charge Maryland man with cyberstalking and aggravated assault for sending a tweet

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DALLAS, Tex. - Can a tweet be used as a deadly weapon?

The Feds certainly think so.

A Maryland man has been arrested after sending a tweet of an animated gif image to a man in Dallas which caused the victim to have an epileptic seizure.

John Rivello sent the tweet in December of 2016 along with a caption that read: "You deserve a seizure for your post," said authorities.

The victim, Kurt Eichenwald who happens to be a senior writer for Newsweek and an outspoken critic of President Trump said the dangerous tweet worked.

Rivello's dislike of Eichenwald's social media comments certainly went way too far.

The local police joined forces to investigate the attack and charged Rivello with federal cyberstalking and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Dallas DA has also charged Rivello with a hate crime of felony assault.

So cyberbullies, beware!

You may have freedom of speech but online bullying can put you behind bars.