Teen stumbles across decapitated body in field while walking home from school

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HOUSTON- Houston police are investigating after a teen discovered a decapitated body while walking home from school Thursday.

According to police, the teen was walking through a field near the 12000 block of Murr, between Cullen and East Orem, when he saw what appeared to be human remains.

"I got off the bus at my stop and I was walking home and I normally take the route that goes the quickest way and I seen like a circular object on the ground and I was walking with my hiking stick and I looked at it, and it don't look right so I turned and got a better glimpse at it and I saw the teeth and cheekbones and all of that, and I stared at it for a while," the teen said. "Yesterday I found the jacket and I was like, 'it stinks' and I seen hair in it so I was going to leave it alone. Today I found the head so I was like, 'ah, that's nasty.'"

The teen ran home, laid his head on his mother's shoulder and told her what he had found.

"I knew he was disturbed and very upset about it and I tried to stay as calm as I could so that he could stay calm," his mother, Deneese Collier, said.

Collier called police and the two led them to the location where the body was found.

"The minute you stepped out of the vehicle, you could smell the odor in the air. I'm like, 'How could no one have called 911 with this odor?'" Collier said. "So when we get there, there's the head and about six feet away from it in the bushes, there's the body."

The identity of the victim has not been determined, and said it is too early to know if any foul play was involved.

"At this point we have what looks like possibly a dead male in an advanced state of decomposition. That's all we really know at this point. We still have to get a positive ID on him and go from there," said Det. Mike Dykens, HPD Homicide.

Collier said, in these days, nothing is surprising anymore.

"There's so much going on in this world nowadays until it doesn't make any sense. You have kids killing each other, older people killing each other, and you're walking across this and walking across that," she said. "Hey, what else can go wrong?"