Dueling Trump protests in Houston: Anti-Trump protesters outnumber supporters

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HOUSTON -- In Texas, there are certain types of rivalries: Cowboys versus Texans, UT Longhorns versus Texas A&M Aggies, and so on.

Yet these days, there is no bigger match-up than Trump lovers versus Trump haters.

A small Saturday pro-Trump rally was met by dozens of counter protesters. President Donald Trump's supporters organized an event to show love for the Commander-in-Chief.

Led Krause, a Trump supporter, says he believes in a two-way dialogue about policy issues like healthcare. "We should be able to hear from all sides, so I came here to represent the side that I most strongly support . . . I think having discussions about policies is very important . . . our Democrats refuse to talk about it."

Meanwhile, anti-Trump groups came ready to crash the party and express their anger with President Trump's rhetoric.

"We're here to oppose the Trump regime and everything it stands for. He's supposed to have a rally here today of pro-Trump supporters, but they only have like 12 to 15 people," says Dr. David Michael Smith.

Smith says he felt encouraged seeing more people show up to "say no" to President Trump, rather than supporting him. "We're going to stand up against everything Trump throws at the people. In the end we are going to prevail."

Man, nowadays, political differences are making people just as passionate as sports fans. If only protesting were as fun as tailgating!