Backlash over billboard message that some believe promotes violence against women

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. - A jewelry store billboard was supposed to be just a play on words.

"I'm truly sorry that it offended anybody, that was not our intention,” store owner Eva-Michelle Spicer said.

“Sometimes it`s okay to throw rocks at girls,” the billboard read.

Instead of being praised for creativity, the message sparked protests.

Dozens of people lashed out at Spicer-Greene Jewelers online, including former first daughter Chelsea Clinton.

She tweeted: “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.”

The sparklers are called gemstones and they do have nicknames like ice, bling, and it may be old school, but diamonds are also called rocks— especially when they're set in engagement rings.

Those protesting the company's billboard understand the slogan didn't intended to promote violence, but they still think it sends the wrong message.

After the billboard backlash, the store owners apologized and plan to donate a portion of their sales to a local domestic violence survivors’ shelter.

Maybe the jewelers will have better luck next time coming up with a campaign everyone thinks is a real gem.