Massachusetts lawmaker thanks HPD for finding Brady’s jersey

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HOUSTON — The Houston Police Department earned a super thanks Monday from the Super Bowl champions.

Massachusetts lawmakers honored Houston officers and chief Art Acevedo for their work finding Tom Brady's lost Super Bowl jersey. Massachusetts State Rep. Hank Naughton was in Houston on business and didn't want to miss the opportunity to personally thank the HPD on behalf of Patriots fans everywhere.

Chief Acevedo was tending to more important matters, but Asst. Chief Matt Slinkard was on hand to share the praise with the entire department. Slinkard said HPD helped Houston shine in the Super Bowl spotlight, and apparently the effort wasn't lost on Patriots fans all the way in Massachusetts.

"The tremendous job that was done with the entire handling of the Super bowl...means a great deal," Naughton said.

Way to go, Houston! You throw one heck of a Super Bowl. Now, if the Texans could only play in one.