Mom sentenced to jail for playing Ed Sheeran

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WILLENHALL, England - A great pop song is one you can't get out of your head, but imagine a catchy hit that you can't get out of your neighbor's stereo!

A mother in England has to spend eight weeks in jail after her neighbors called the cops on her for blasting the Ed Sheeran song "Shape Of You" on repeat.

Sonia Bryce has a history of torturing her neighbors' eardrums. Her landlord had previously secured a court order barring her from creating a nuisance, and she had been thrown in jail for six weeks for violating that. But her behavior didn't improve when she got out in February. Her neighbors say she also had people coming and going at all hours of the night.

The final straw was playing "Shape Of You" for more than half an hour at full volume. In court, Bryce denied it, saying she doesn't even like that song. The judge told her she had "displayed ungovernable animosity" to her neighbor.

So for the next eight weeks, it's back to the slammer and no control of the volume, nor control over any of her daily activities.