New Zealand citizen challenges high-ranking politician to boxing match

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How’s this for fighting dirty in politics? A New Zealand man has challenged the country's environment minister to a fist fight!

Greg Byrnes posted an ad in the paper challenging Minister Nick Smith to a boxing match. The loser has to go swimming in a swimming hole filled with an unsettling level of E. Coli.

Byrnes says the government has been "bobbing and weaving," so to speak, on the definition of acceptable levels of E. Coli in swimming water. Now, Byrnes wants to settle it in the ring.

If it was that easy, what politician here in the states would you fight, and for what cause?

Of course, NewsFix would never advocate violence to accomplish social change.

No matter how good it might feel, your vote packs an even stronger punch, and actually stands to knock some sense into some of these folks.