Simon Says: Nothing makes sense

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Simon Says:  Are we bankrupt or Just Shedding the Fat, because nothing make sense anymore.

The stock market is full of bull breaking records each week and these stores are closing near you: GameStop, The Limited, Payless Shoes, Sears, JC Penny, Macys, Wet Seal, Family Christian and Staples.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

We use to know why Russia were an enemy.  You know, that communism vs capitalism thing.

Nothing Make sense anymore.

The Las Vegas Raiders don’t make sense!

Football players, casinos and strip clubs! What can go wrong?

Does anyone remember what happened to Paul Hornung and Alex Karras back in 1963?


Look It up:

Nothing makes sense with climate change.

Global warming should not be based on the political climate. It’s like there’s no balance in our lives anymore.

No “yin and yang”

No “wax on, wax off.”

In a world where we don’t know what is true anymore,  I offer the most honest advice you’ll hear all day.

“Don’t perseverate on the negative!  It’s not all bad. You can flip everything and find that silver lining.”

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